Binary Introductions

In recent months, I have been pondering the importance of the digital universe that pervades our very lives in the early twenty-first century. This series, In the Beginning...There Was the Binary, shortened as Binary, hopes to understand the origins of our digital universe, the Information Age, and, of course, the conditions of possibility that led to these things. In essence, Binary hopes to do what others haven't, in that it seeks those connections, historical, political, economic, artistic, etc., that led to the age we find ourselves living in and struggling to understand.

Binary also plays to my strengths as a researcher and as someone genuinely interested in understanding something that has played a rather important role in my own life. Moreover, Binary takes on the serial format, with regular postings written and posted, along with Homo Ludens in Mirrorshades, another series on this blog. The serialized format allows me to write things in smaller chunks, which, in turn, allows me to do the necessary research, revising, and editing needed for a quality piece of writing.

Where will I start? That's a good deal harder to explain: the Beginning. In other words, I want to take on a long view, pushing back to the earliest moments in human history, and even prior, to understand those connections that led to the development of the digital universe, the Information Age, and those troublesome and beautiful moments we all witness in today's information-soaked age. Much like Homo Ludens in Mirrorshades, Binary isn't chronologically structured as a narrative. Instead, it moves from one related area to the next, in order to fully comprehend the implications of what is taking place.

When can you expect to see installments? Soon. However, I don't want to give away too much, as I still have a lot of work ahead of me. In the meantime, lookout for new Homo Ludens installments, coming out this month. In particular, you'll soon have a continued in-depth discussion on war games and role-playing games.

Gregory M. Rapp

Gregory M. Rapp

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