There are numerous series featured here on Back to the Holodeck. Each series focuses on a subject that has haunted me in some way. The following descriptions will (hopefully) help you navigate this Website and its content.

Homo Ludens in Mirrorshades. These are my musings on gaming, gameplay, play, gamers, and gaming cultures. These were originally featured on my micro-blog, Homo Ludens in Mirrorshades, but in the interest of saving money and time, I have decided to bring those musings over to Back to the Holodeck.

In the Beginning...There Was the Binary. This series, shorted as "Binary," explores the origins of the digital universe, the Information Age, and the politics, economics, philosophies, and arts that have created something that is (somewhat) new to the human experience.

Poetics of Virtual Worlds. This is a series I started after reading some of Bartle's work on virtual worlds, and I hope to continue writing on this subject. It has been slow-going, as I have been conducting quite a bit of research on the topic, with little or no insight gained on my part. I hope to share more soon.

Tomorrow's Parties. Includes a range of postings that look to the future, extrapolating from current events to see what might be. In other words, these are purely speculative in nature, and I hope to continue these with a higher frequency than on previous blogging sites I've hosted in the past.

World-Building Notes. These are my rants, raves, and musings on the nature of world-building for science-fiction (and other speculative fiction sub-genres). These notes are not meant to be seen as verbal assaults on poorer world-building. Instead, they should be viewed as reminders, notes, and half-ideas concerning the nature of world-building.