Virtual Reality/Paper Adventures [VR/PA] Game Engine

The VR/PA game engine borrows heavily from two different game design philosophies. These philosophies emphasize the need for fantastic (i.e., high quality) narratives and crucial re-playability that many gamers desire from their gaming products. Without these two design philosophies, VR/PA would be doomed to repeat the failings of gamebooks and solitaire gaming ventures everywhere. The name Virtual Reality/Paper Adventures offers up two great possibilities for designers and gamers alike: the ability to explore an infinite space and the ability to interact with and experience this infinite space within the confines of paper or electronic formats.

VR/PA doesn’t rely on a heavy dose of statistical information. Moreover, it doesn’t require dice in order to play and experience the adventures printed on paper or an electronic screen. Instead, VR/PA relies on numerous (logical) narrative choices, barebone statistics, and a streamlined game engine to make gameplay both enjoyable and easy to manage.

Character death contribute to the overall narrative within the VR/PA game engine. In other words, character death is an integral part of the narrative and gaming experience. Each character that is offered up at the beginning of the narrative only lives one life. When the character is killed, s/he is removed from play—that is unless a player finds a way to revive the individual character in question.

Gregory M. Rapp

Gregory M. Rapp

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